Our Creative States
Our Creative States
Discovering America Through Art, Music, Nature, Food, and People

Current Location

Bend, Oregon


Discovering America Through Art, Music, Nature, Food, and People

Our Creative States

Greetings from Bend, Oregon. We are Travis & Courtney.

As a Husband and Wife, we’ve spent the better part of the last decade living the American Middle-Class life. In 2018, we began to have open and honest conversations about what we wanted for the next chapter of our lives.

Through these discussions, decisions and plans were made. We decided to start the process of selling our small Oregon home in exchange for a Camper Van.

Accompanied by our dogs Bo and Pinto, and cat Nala, we are embarking on an artistic exploration we call “Our Creative States.” The project is designed as an exploration and documentation of the United States and the sharing of their experiences through various artistic mediums.

We are currently in the beginning phases of our journey and we encourage you to check back soon as we’ll have more information available!

I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found.
— John Steinbeck


Songs of Our Country

I’m going to be playing plenty of music as part of our journey across the United States. I want to dive into as many local music communities as I can, connect with folks making music, and hopefully collaborate with other artists along the trail. 

Each state and community has a unique sense to it and I hope to document my experiences on this trip through song. Therefore, I plan to write, record, and release a song from every state we visit.

In addition, we are both looking forward to house concerts along our travels. We are traveling the US to get to know people and places and the best way for us to connect is to meet people along the way. Rather than tour on the traditional model of playing venues, we wanted our experiences with folks to be personal and conversational. If you’re interested in booking a house show with us, please let us know!



Traveling together

Our Crew

We are traveling as a family of 5 (2 humans, 3 pets) in our new to us Class C Motorhome!

  • Courtney - Loves getting outside, traveling, taking photos. Lover of animals, the environment…

  • Travis - Musician, employee of Customer.io, also a big fan of animals, Netflix, sushi, and craft beer

  • Nala - Mane Coon, loves bird watching, making weird noises at squirrels, napping, gets really jealous if her brothers get special food and she doesn’t

  • Bo - Pomeranian (the blonde one), loves eating (anything), playing with his toy Sebastian, hiking, and doing tricks for treats

  • Pinto - The old guy (rescued in 2017 when he was 9), loves laying around, squeaky toys, barking at things that move, playing with other dogs at dog parks


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